Tailored Property Finance

Alex De Silva & Co arrange a wide array of property related finance.  From straight forward purchase / remortgage cases, through to complex multi income stream large loan enquiries.  in addition we also arrange commercial / development finance, bridging loans and 2nd charges.  Every recommendation will consider your unique circumstances to ensure the product is right, not just for today, but also for your future.

Lifestyle Planning

Have you ever wondered how much you need to 'retire' or how long your 'retirement' fund would last - you are not alone. These two questions are the most often asked by our clients and we are well placed to help answer them, after careful consideration of their individual aspirations.  Everything we do is based around your unique requirements.   We aim, not only,  to provide a peace of mind recommendation, but also take the time to explain why the recommendation fits your requirements.  We feel increased understanding adds immense value, allows you to take more control of your finances and helps with intergenerational / succession planning.  

By embarking on a full financial assessment, we can offer assistance with retirement planning, protection for businesses & individuals, investment / portfolio reviews & introductions to other professionals, when required.  Our aim is not to sell "products" but to identify gaps and present solutions to best address them.

Retirement PLANNING

Whether you want to start contributing to your own personal retirement plan, seek advice about you Company scheme or are thinking about setting up a 'workplace' pension, we have the right solutions for you. We even have an in-house pension transfer specialist who can advise on whether or not it would be beneficial for you to transfer your 'Final Salary' scheme pension.

 If you are approaching retirement and are uncertain about the options you have available or how long your investments might last, we can guide you through the 'pensions maze' with clear, jargon free advice and provide peace of mind so you can get on enjoying what you do best.


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